The Podcast: Episode 105 (One thousand points of light)

It's been a long. Too long, some might say. Not long enough, according to others. But we're back. On this episode, we talk about the fallout from Record Store Day 2016, a milestone on social media, and a few updates on the things we've been doing to keep you up to date and informed in the current metal landscape.

A big thanks, as always, to the mighty The Massacre Cave for their track Fighting Giants, our current theme music.

The Podcast: Episode 104 (I don't know, Chief)

You know by now what we do, every week, right around this time. Darrell and Rachel recap the week that was, including an avalanche of news in and around the metal community, a few albums to review, an interview to discuss, and more. Plus, we make the case for why the gender walls of metal should come down, finally.

Music from The Massacre Cave.

The Podcast: Episode 103 (On an island)

Now that you've had time to let The Barn Of Devastation story sink in, we return with an episode chock full of metal talk. We tackle the reviews of the past weeks, centering on Locrian and Ghost, catch you up on the best band you might not now in The Massacre Cave, and give you an album you just have to hear.

New theme music courtesy of The Massacre Cave, and their new track Fighting Giants.

And the interview we did following the release of their debut EP, The Ninth Wave.

The Podcast: Episode 102 (The Barn of Devastation)

After a day long field trip, Darrell and Rachel scramble back to the office to record yet another enthralling Sorrow Eternal Podcast. We discuss the destination for our journey, the fabulous Redscroll Records and the general goings on on the site. Then it's story time with Uncle Darrell, as he recounts the travails of starting a band in rural New York.

Open and closing theme courtesy of Bedowyn.