Deathstruck - Momentary Lapse of Sanity (EP) (2014)

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There is an entire world of melodic death metal for you to explore. Quite literally, an entire world. Bands from all over the global have traded in their soaring vocals and speed metal solos for a crack at one of the fastest growing genres in the scene. But where there is a way, there is a very crowded way. With each new wave of bands, the arena becomes more and more difficult to maneuver, and it leaves many bands drowning in their own good ideas. It has gotten so bad, at times, that differentiated between one band and ten others has become nearly impossible. Deathstruck, the melodic death pride of Budapest, aren't being completely negated. But with their new two song EP, they have a lot of upward mobility left to realize. And after the seven minutes of Momentary Lapse of Sanity are over, how far have they really come?

With such a small sample size, you have to expect that only the best and brightest to make the cut. The title track, Momentary Lapse Of Sanity, is heavy on big riffs and even bigger drums. But where it falls short is in the creative aspect, where it blends into the sonic landscape with far too many other melodic death bands. Take that with a grain of salt, of course, as good melodic death is better than mediocre anything, and Deathstruck are certainly not in over their heads by any means. This track, specifically, is a pretty good indication of where this band is headed. The second offering, Dystopic New Era, is more of a wildcard for the listeners. It sees a significant jump in tempo and aggression, but fails to break out of the mold it was pressed from. The drumming alone would be worth the listen, though, as percussionist Bende Tóth unleashes a bevy of rolls and fills that might leave you requiring medical attention. When vocalist Renátó Varga opts for the deep, guttural growls that are synonymous with death metal, he strikes a chord that validates the track.

Two songs, seven minutes. That isn't a very large piece of work to scrutinize and deeply study. But in that small chunk of melodic death metal, Deathstruck have certainly shown what their best can be. They've hit on all the basic tenets of the genre, even while failing to go above and beyond in any aspect of their sound. It is a fickle scene we belong to, and sometimes staying in your comfort zone is a much more successful endeavor than trying to reinvent the wheel, or even paint it a different shade of black. Regardless, this is just an appetizer before the meal, we hope. And with any luck, the full length that follows will expand on the work we've heard here. A few more riffs, a few more growls, and Momentary Lapse of Sanity is ready for a sequel.


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